Copp's Hill Burying Ground
Charter St. and Hull St. Entrances
Open Daily 8am-5pm

Paul Revere House
Copps Hill
Christopher Colombus Park

St. Stephens Church

Existing since 1660, this is the city's second-oldest cemetery after the smaller one alongside the King's Chapel. Hundreds of Boston's colonial era Black citizens are interred here. British artillery commanders used the hilltop location to strategic advantage during the Revolution, firing cannonballs across Boston Harbor toward American positions in Charlestown. Watch for pockmarks on some of the slate headstones, used by His Majesty's troopsfor target practice. Cross Charter Street to reach Copp's Hill Terrace, a prime vantage point for views over to present-day Charlestown, Bunker Hill Monument and vintage warships in the former Navy Yard.